Powder at Zurs, Austria

Andrew at St Anton, Austria

Fritz skiing 8 feet of power
in Chamonix, France

First tracks off-piste
in Switzerland

Heliskiing in Verbier, Switzerland

Pete at 2004 Bear Mountain
Mogul Challenge

Steeps of the Valluga, Austria 

House Rules

Picture of powder in Zurs, Austria by Pete Muzsi


  • No smoking in house or near enclosed hottub area
  • No pets or kids 
  • Be considerate of others, especially between 2am and 10am
  • If it's not yours, ask before using it
  • Don't throw your stuff on a bed for someone who hasn't arrived yet
  • At end of weekend, put your stuff away and help clean up
  • When parking, pull as far forward as possible and leave your keys in your car or the designated bucket
  • Bring beer/alcohol
  • Did I mention to help clean up?



Closing Directions

If you are the last person the leave the house, please follow the directions below:

  1. Turn heat down to 52 degrees
  2. Make sure hottub is set at 101 degrees and close cover securely
  3. Remove garbage in bathroom
  4. Make sure woodburning stove chimney is closed.
  5. Turn off lights and close blinds
  6. Remove perishable food out of refrigerator
  7. Vacuum floors
  8. Clean table tops
  9. Clean bathrooms
  10. Take out all garbage and place in outside bin
  11. Lock doors