The Lunch Box is the product of a few Killington skihouses with a prolific 11+ year history as one of Killington’s best skihouses.

Many skiers/riders developed from intermediate skiers to solid expert skiers/riders and even more lasting friendships have formed (and some marriages) over the years. While the group has changed a little over the years, the core group exists to carry on the storied traditions.

The Lunch Box is a place where former shares and friends are always welcomed back to visit and where everyone will always be remembered. From the days before the K1 gondola, shaped skis, and the Lookout; we solute the past afternoons at the Wobbly, nights at the Clear River Tavern, the Moroski House, Bagdad, epic snowstorms, seasons with mud and ice, and to just chilling and swilling at the slopes!


Get your skis or board and come out to Killington and join us for some great winter fun at the Lunch Box.  Our ski house features fun people enjoying refreshing beverages at one of the east coast’s top ski mountains and hit apre-ski to listen to some of the northeast’s best live bands.  Be a part of the action and join the fun this winter at the Lunch Box.

Winter is coming!

The winter chill is is in the air and The Lunch Box is getting ready for the ski season.  Cancel plans and get on board now!  

Get you Pickle Barrel Passes by Oct 31
Order your discounted season passes and K55 tickets now
Season ski tunes?


We seek to ski/ride hard and develop our winter sports skills as we push limits on the slopes and enjoy apres-ski and cold flowing drinks as the night moves along.  That's right, ski hard and party hard! There are no whimps here!

Check us out at thetailgate party that we threw for Bear Mountain Mogul Competition on March 30th, see video below!  Tailgate with beer pong, band, booze, BBQ, and snow furniture.